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The information contained in this report is obtained from MDEQ's enSite (electronic environmental Site Information System) System used by the Office of Pollution Control's Air Division, Environmental Permits Division and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division, and the Office of Geology's Mining and Reclamation Division. The purpose of the system is to support permitting and compliance activities of the Department of Environmental Quality. Regulatory programs that are supported by this database are the Surface Water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program; the Air Title V, Construction and Operating Programs; the Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs; Geology Surface Mining and Reclamation Division; and the Waste Tire Program (the UST program is currently not supported). There are other regulatory programs within the Department that do not currently utilize this database including programs managed by the Office of Land and Water, and the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program.


OPC Air Division - Asbestos Project Search

Notification FormAgency Interest NameActivity TypeCityCountyProject Start Date
click for document Agape Christian AcademyRenovationJacksonHinds09/19/2022
click for document Alcorn State UniversityRenovationLormanJefferson10/24/2022
click for document Alliance Health CenterRenovationMeridianLauderdale10/24/2022
click for document Alliance Health CenterRenovationMeridianLauderdale12/07/2022
click for document Baker Petrolite LLCRenovationLaurelJones10/11/2022
click for document Bank FirstDemolitionNewtonNewton11/05/2022
click for document Bank First StorageDemolitionMaconNoxubee11/04/2022
click for document Barefield BuildingRenovationJacksonHinds11/23/2022
click for document Brandon Central OfficeRenovationColumbusLowndes10/19/2022
click for document Carter Elementary SchoolRenovationIndianolaSunflower11/01/2022
click for document Chevron USA Inc, Chevron Products Company, Pascagoula RefineryRenovationPascagoulaJackson10/03/2022
click for document Chevron USA Inc, Chevron Products Company, Pascagoula RefineryRenovationPascagoulaJackson11/07/2022
click for document Chiropractic OfficeDemolitionTupeloLee11/23/2022
click for document Dollar Tree Store (#4109)RenovationAmoryMonroe11/19/2022
click for document East Mississippi Community CollegeRenovationMayhewLowndes12/05/2022
click for document Fire Station #2DemolitionTupeloLee11/17/2022
click for document First Baptist of PearlRenovationPearlRankin09/30/2022
click for document Former Church BuildingDemolitionLaurelJones10/24/2022
click for document Former Gloster Elementary BuildingDemolitionGlosterAmite11/17/2022
click for document Former MTD FacilityRenovationIndianolaSunflower09/29/2022
click for document Former Relax InnDemolitionColumbiaMarion12/02/2022
click for document Former Womack Auto SalesDemolitionMortonScott11/26/2022
click for document Frontier Special Ed BldgRenovationBrandonRankin10/28/2022
click for document Gentry High SchoolDemolitionIndianolaSunflower11/03/2022
click for document Gentry High SchoolRenovationIndianolaSunflower11/01/2022
click for document Goodhaven ApartmentsRenovationGoodmanHolmes10/17/2022
click for document Hal SamuelsRenovationBrookhavenLincoln11/25/2022
click for document House & DuplexDemolitionWessonCopiah11/17/2022
click for document Hunter Middle SchoolRenovationDrewSunflower11/01/2022
click for document Inn of VicksburgDemolitionVicksburgWarren09/16/2022
click for document J & J Family, LLCDemolitionD'IbervilleHarrison09/30/2022
click for document Jackson Municipal Airport Authority, Jackson-Evers International AirportRenovationJacksonRankin11/05/2022
click for document John C Stennis Space CenterDemolitionStennis Space CenterHancock10/25/2022
click for document John C Stennis Space CenterRenovationStennis Space CenterHancock09/22/2022
click for document K380RenovationTupeloLee09/20/2022
click for document LPK Architects Office BuildingRenovationMeridianLauderdale11/14/2022
click for document Laurel Welcome CenterRenovationLaurelJones10/13/2022
click for document Leigh MallDemolitionColumbusLowndes11/10/2022
click for document Leigh MallRenovationColumbusLowndes12/06/2022
click for document Liberty BaptistDemolitionDeKalbKemper09/28/2022
click for document Lockard Elementary SchoolRenovationIndianolaSunflower11/01/2022
click for document MS State Hospital - Building 52RenovationPearlRankin11/28/2022
click for document Meridian Community CollegeDemolitionMeridianLauderdale10/07/2022
click for document Mississippi Air National GuardRenovationGulfportHarrison11/03/2022
click for document Mississippi Power Company General OfficeRenovationGulfportHarrison12/03/2022
click for document Mississippi State UniversityRenovationMississippi StateOktibbeha11/14/2022
click for document Mitch Lundy Law OfficeDemolitionGrenadaGrenada11/26/2022
click for document Nativity Convent BuildingDemolitionBiloxiHarrison10/10/2022
click for document Needmore CenterDemolitionStarkvilleOktibbeha11/16/2022
click for document Office BuildingRenovationJacksonHinds09/20/2022
click for document Old Antique StoreDemolitionStarkvilleOktibbeha12/09/2022
click for document Old Maintenance BldgDemolitionDecaturNewton10/31/2022
click for document Old Roadway Trucking BldgDemolitionMeridianLauderdale09/28/2022
click for document Oyo HotelDemolitionJacksonHinds09/15/2022
click for document Pearl Plaza PropertiesRenovationPearlRankin10/15/2022
click for document Rankin Square Shopping CenterRenovationPearlRankin12/05/2022
click for document Regions Bank Clinton PlazaRenovationClintonHinds10/14/2022
click for document Residential HomeDemolitionJacksonHinds09/17/2022
click for document Residential HomeDemolitionJacksonHinds09/15/2022
click for document Residential HomeRenovationJacksonHinds09/26/2022
click for document Residential HomeDemolitionJacksonHinds10/05/2022
click for document Residential HomeDemolitionJacksonHinds10/06/2022
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds09/28/2022
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds09/30/2022
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds09/22/2022
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds09/21/2022
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds11/24/2022
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/11/2022
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/11/2022
click for document Richardson Molding IncRenovationPhiladelphiaNeshoba11/08/2022
click for document Roseburg Forest Products South LP, Taylorsville CompositesRenovationTaylorsvilleSmith09/28/2022
click for document Ruleville Central ElementaryRenovationRulevilleSunflower11/01/2022
click for document Ruleville Central High SchoolDemolitionRulevilleSunflower11/03/2022
click for document Ruleville Middle SchoolRenovationRulevilleSunflower11/01/2022
click for document T G Abernathy Federal BuildingRenovationAberdeenMonroe12/02/2022
click for document Thrift StoreRenovationPearlRankin09/14/2022
click for document Townplace SuitesDemolitionMeridianLauderdale10/02/2022
click for document Trace Regional Extended CareRenovationHoustonValue Needed09/14/2022
click for document USDA BuildingRenovationMississippi StateOktibbeha11/07/2022
click for document University of Mississippi Medical CenterRenovationJacksonHinds10/03/2022
click for document University of Mississippi Medical CenterRenovationJacksonHinds12/05/2022
click for document VacantDemolitionYazoo CityYazoo09/14/2022
click for document Vacant HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds09/15/2022
click for document Vacant HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds09/20/2022
click for document Vacant Store FrontRenovationFloraMadison10/06/2022
click for document Vicksburg National Military ParkRenovationVicksburgWarren11/11/2022
click for document WJDX TransmitterRenovationJacksonHinds09/21/2022
click for document Waffle HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/24/2022
click for document War Memorial BuildingRenovationJacksonHinds09/28/2022
click for document Water Valley Housing Authority - Rolling Hills ComplexRenovationWater ValleyYalobusha10/31/2022
click for document Waterways Experiment StationRenovationVicksburgWarren10/12/2022
click for document Word of LifeRenovationJacksonHinds11/14/2022
click for document Wright FergusonRenovationJacksonHinds11/08/2022
click for document Yazoo Co Health DepartmentRenovationYazoo CityYazoo10/11/2022

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