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Notification FormAgency Interest NameActivity TypeCityCountyStart Date
click for document Andrew WildeeRenovationVicksburgWarren07/22/2021
click for document Anna NehringRenovationRed BanksMarshall07/08/2021
click for document Annie DucksworthRenovationLaurelJones08/06/2021
click for document Aserey or Sammy KincadeRenovationGreenvilleWashington07/17/2021
click for document Betsy Porter or Kenneth WilliamsRenovationMcCombPike09/02/2021
click for document Brooklyn HammRenovationDennisTishomingo09/20/2021
click for document Charles ColeRenovationJacksonHinds08/26/2021
click for document Derrick AndersonRenovationByhaliaMarshall09/01/2021
click for document Ella RussellRenovationJacksonHinds08/27/2021
click for document Frank ManiscalcoRenovationPerkinstonStone07/29/2021
click for document Gene or Porsha TaylorRenovationFlowoodRankin08/21/2021
click for document Hazel ColemanRenovationJacksonHinds08/09/2021
click for document Hellen or Jerry HollowayRenovationSunflowerSunflower07/12/2021
click for document Helowee or James TuckerRenovationJacksonHinds08/25/2021
click for document Jamieson RobinsonRenovationJacksonHinds07/27/2021
click for document Jerry or Sonya GrossRenovationJacksonHinds08/18/2021
click for document Jimmy StampleyRenovationGreenvilleWashington08/17/2021
click for document Joshua HillRenovationHattiesburgForrest08/16/2021
click for document Karen SuggsRenovationOlive BranchDesoto08/25/2021
click for document Lori BrookinsRenovationMeridianLauderdale08/16/2021
click for document Marylin ShortRenovationIndianolaSunflower07/02/2021
click for document Michael BerlRenovationBiloxiHarrison09/27/2021
click for document Minnie or Cecil AshfordRenovationLaurelJones09/09/2021
click for document Nicholas OnyshkoRenovationGreenwoodLeflore09/06/2021
click for document P WilliamsRenovationGulfportHarrison08/27/2021
click for document Patricia or Lizzie MaybellRenovationGreenvilleWashington08/19/2021
click for document Peggy ThompsonRenovationColumbusLowndes07/24/2021
click for document Scott StewartRenovationPicayunePearl River09/23/2021
click for document Sherrye DuncanRenovationShannonLee08/10/2021

9/28/2021 6:18:19 AM

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