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The information contained in this report is obtained from MDEQ's enSite (electronic environmental Site Information System) System used by the Office of Pollution Control's Air Division, Environmental Permits Division and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division, and the Office of Geology's Mining and Reclamation Division. The purpose of the system is to support permitting and compliance activities of the Department of Environmental Quality. Regulatory programs that are supported by this database are the Surface Water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program; the Air Title V, Construction and Operating Programs; the Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs; Geology Surface Mining and Reclamation Division; and the Waste Tire Program (the UST program is currently not supported). There are other regulatory programs within the Department that do not currently utilize this database including programs managed by the Office of Land and Water, and the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program.


OPC Air Division - Lead Project Search

Notification FormAgency Interest NameActivity TypeCityCountyProject Start Date
click for document Aalilyah AdamsRenovationJacksonHinds10/17/2022
click for document Angela & Rodney EvansRenovationLaurelJones10/04/2022
click for document Angela TaylorRenovationStarkvilleOktibbeha09/21/2022
click for document Anise & Richard JeffersonRenovationSouthavenDesoto12/03/2022
click for document Arlene or Mary CampbellRenovationMeridianLauderdale09/22/2022
click for document Ashleigh ShiversRenovationJacksonHinds10/27/2022
click for document Barbara CriddleRenovationVardamanCalhoun09/22/2022
click for document Berry or Marilyn NailerRenovationShawBolivar09/28/2022
click for document Blake or Beth SpruillRenovationBaldwynLee09/15/2022
click for document Carleah JenkinsRenovationJacksonHinds10/06/2022
click for document Charles TrotterRenovationBrandonRankin09/28/2022
click for document Charlotte AmikerRenovationJacksonHinds09/15/2022
click for document Chris YoungRenovationRidgelandMadison10/03/2022
click for document Columbus Municipal School DistrictRenovationColumbusLowndes10/14/2022
click for document Cortelius or Mikhloris MallardRenovationHolly SpringsMarshall11/04/2022
click for document Crystal GrayRenovationJacksonHinds09/28/2022
click for document Dana VadalabeneRenovationColumbusLowndes09/14/2022
click for document Darlene CaffeyRenovationJacksonHinds09/29/2022
click for document Darlene RicklesRenovationVicksburgWarren09/16/2022
click for document Darren McGillRenovationTaylorsvilleSmith09/27/2022
click for document Darren or Stephanie PowellRenovationCrystal SpringsCopiah09/27/2022
click for document Daryl WardRenovationHorn LakeDesoto09/22/2022
click for document Deanna McClellandRenovationSouthavenDesoto09/20/2022
click for document Deborah WatsonRenovationSardisPanola11/22/2022
click for document Delois CalicuttRenovationHolly SpringsMarshall10/21/2022
click for document Delois MageeRenovationMount OliveCovington09/24/2022
click for document Desmond & Jennifer WilliamsRenovationJacksonHinds10/17/2022
click for document Dorothy EdwardsRenovationJacksonHinds09/17/2022
click for document Ellis ChrisRenovationNesbitDesoto09/12/2022
click for document Eric LewisRenovationColumbusLowndes09/23/2022
click for document Erical BakerRenovationBatesvillePanola09/28/2022
click for document Ethel JohnsonRenovationIndianolaSunflower10/13/2022
click for document Evon SmithRenovationCantonMadison10/21/2022
click for document Felecia PowersRenovationBrookhavenLincoln10/06/2022
click for document Felicia PowersRenovationJacksonHinds10/07/2022
click for document Gay or Denver MageeRenovationHattiesburgForrest10/27/2022
click for document Glen GibsonRenovationPicayunePearl River09/22/2022
click for document Gloria MillsapsRenovationHeidelbergJasper11/02/2022
click for document Grace SmithRenovationJacksonHinds12/05/2022
click for document Gwendolyn PetersonRenovationHattiesburgForrest09/30/2022
click for document Harley PerdueRenovationEllisvilleJones12/07/2022
click for document Heather or Johnathan JohnsonRenovationStewartWebster09/16/2022
click for document Helen or Norman ChristmonRenovationJacksonHinds09/22/2022
click for document Iris & Jack AndrewsRenovationLaurelJones12/06/2022
click for document James JacksonRenovationColumbiaMarion09/30/2022
click for document Janice & Phillip FortuneRenovationLouinJasper09/30/2022
click for document Janice JeffersonRenovationColumbusLowndes10/27/2022
click for document Janice or Gary HendersonRenovationJacksonHinds09/13/2022
click for document Jessielean GordenRenovationGlosterAmite10/20/2022
click for document Joyce BealRenovationClintonHinds12/02/2022
click for document Juanita RobinsonRenovationMcCombPike10/12/2022
click for document Kindala or Toris SmithRenovationHattiesburgForrest10/07/2022
click for document Lance BarteeRenovationMeridianLauderdale11/05/2022
click for document Lannie or Melinda BakerRenovationBatesvillePanola10/20/2022
click for document Larry or Carrie GusterRenovationGreenvilleWashington09/21/2022
click for document Laura AdamsRenovationClarksdaleCoahoma09/13/2022
click for document Leslie AddisonRenovationMorgan CityLeflore10/06/2022
click for document Lisa JohnsonRenovationBay SpringsJasper10/28/2022
click for document Loren JamesonRenovationColumbusLowndes11/03/2022
click for document Loretta PruittRenovationBaldwynLee09/29/2022
click for document Lori GrayRenovationJacksonHinds10/07/2022
click for document Lucy WeltonRenovationLelandWashington09/22/2022
click for document Malinda BassRenovationLaurelJones10/21/2022
click for document Marilyn GillRenovationBrookhavenLincoln09/16/2022
click for document Martha or Timothy PittmanRenovationCourtlandPanola09/26/2022
click for document Mary FernandezRenovationCarrierePearl River10/28/2022
click for document Marzayvias HuttonRenovationJacksonHinds09/16/2022
click for document Michael ThigpenRenovationHeidelbergJasper10/04/2022
click for document Michelle JohnsonRenovationJacksonHinds10/20/2022
click for document Mitchell TrebotichRenovationFlowoodRankin09/14/2022
click for document Nathaniel or Gladys ShenallRenovationGreenvilleWashington10/20/2022
click for document Paris DavisRenovationPicayunePearl River11/01/2022
click for document Patricia BanksRenovationSontagLawrence11/30/2022
click for document Patricia MerlinoRenovationLaurelJones11/14/2022
click for document Patricia or Dennis CampbellRenovationAshlandBenton12/02/2022
click for document Patrick or Elaine PittmanRenovationLaurelJones09/29/2022
click for document Paul or Fallon BridgesRenovationWest PointClay10/10/2022
click for document Paul or Sharon WatkinsRenovationOkolonaChickasaw09/10/2022
click for document Phyllis LancasterRenovationLaurelJones09/21/2022
click for document Rebecca & Allen SmithRenovationTylertownWalthall09/16/2022
click for document ResidenceRenovationLaurelJones11/29/2022
click for document Rodney or Vickie TaliaferroRenovationJacksonHinds10/29/2022
click for document Sammie EppsRenovationTchulaHolmes10/11/2022
click for document Shadairus or Tanateria RobinsonRenovationNewtonNewton09/24/2022
click for document Shambronese MorrisRenovationDundeeTunica10/18/2022
click for document Sharon BarnettRenovationJacksonHinds10/26/2022
click for document Sharon KnotRenovationJacksonHinds09/27/2022
click for document Sharon or Gregory CastleRenovationWeirChoctaw10/03/2022
click for document Sharon or Herbert WilliamsRenovationMagnoliaPike09/20/2022
click for document Shelby or Robert BurnsRenovationRipleyTippah10/03/2022
click for document Steven or Emory BrysonRenovationTupeloLee09/23/2022
click for document Terrel or Tateya BlueRenovationGreenwoodLeflore10/12/2022
click for document Thomas LucasRenovationMeridianLauderdale11/11/2022
click for document Tiffany AsherRenovationOcean SpringsJackson11/09/2022
click for document Velma ChisholmRenovationJacksonHinds09/21/2022
click for document Willie or Donald ButcheeRenovationMeridianLauderdale11/03/2022
click for document Zackary DenneyRenovationLong BeachHarrison09/26/2022

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