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The information contained in this report is obtained from MDEQ's enSite (electronic environmental Site Information System) System used by the Office of Pollution Control's Air Division, Environmental Permits Division and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division, and the Office of Geology's Mining and Reclamation Division. The purpose of the system is to support permitting and compliance activities of the Department of Environmental Quality. Regulatory programs that are supported by this database are the Surface Water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program; the Air Title V, Construction and Operating Programs; the Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs; Geology Surface Mining and Reclamation Division; and the Waste Tire Program (the UST program is currently not supported). There are other regulatory programs within the Department that do not currently utilize this database including programs managed by the Office of Land and Water, and the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program. For Additional Information about Permits at Public Notice follow this link.

Holcim US Inc

General Information

AI IDBranchSICCountyBasinStartEnd
973Air 2
Haz Waste
Solid Waste
Stormwater 401
Water 2
2911, 4953, 2911LowndesTombigbee River11/10/1992 

Physical and Mailing Address

Physical Address (Primary)Mailing Address
8677 Highway 45 Alternate South
Artesia, MS 39736
PO Box 185
Artesia, MS 39736

Permits and Alternate/Historic AI Identifiers

Alt IDAlt NameAlt TypeStart DateEnd Date
168000025Holnam, Inc., ArtesiaAir-Construction04/27/1993 
973Holcim, Artesia Cement PlantAir-Notification11/25/2013 
168000025Holcim (US), Inc.Air-State Operating10/22/199810/22/1998
168000025Holcim US IncAir-Synthetic Minor Operating 10/21/201909/30/2024
168000025Holcim (US), Inc.Air-Title V Operating10/16/199810/01/2003
168000025Holcim (US), Inc.Air-Title V Operating12/29/200411/30/2009
MSR107069Holcim (US), Inc.GP-Construction09/21/2016 
MSR320017Holcim (US), Inc.GP-Mining11/10/199202/29/2000
MSR320017Holcim (US), Inc.GP-Mining03/23/200004/07/2008
MSR320017Holcim US IncGP-Mining04/07/200810/02/2013
MSR320017Holcim (US), Inc.GP-Mining10/02/201308/31/2017
P78006THolcim (US) Inc. was United CeGeology-Mining-Permit01/01/1900 
P98031Holcim (US) Inc. annualGeology-Mining-Permit01/01/1900 
P92009THolcim (US) Inc. United Cement PitGeology-Mining-Permit01/01/1900 
P86006THolcim (US) Inc. was United CeGeology-Mining-Permit01/01/1900 
P86006THolcim (US) IncGeology-Mining-Permit03/26/198603/26/2016
P86006THolcim (US), Inc,Geology-Mining-Permit03/26/198602/28/2021
973Holcium (US), Inc., Lowndes County, MsGeology-Mining-Permit08/06/201808/27/2023
973Holcim (US) Inc.Geology-Mining-Permit03/04/202103/26/2026
MSD077655876Holcim (US), Inc.Hazardous Waste-EPA ID04/01/1997 
SW0440040481Holnam Inc, Artesia Plant, Holnam Cement Kiln Dust LandfillSolidWaste-NonMSW Landfill04/06/200004/06/2010
SW0440040578Holcim (US), Inc., Holcim CKD LandfillSolidWaste-NonMSW Landfill09/16/201612/31/2018
MS0037630Holnam Inc.Water-NPDES06/12/199004/23/1991
MS0052825Holcim (US), Inc.Water-NPDES10/22/199809/30/2003
MS0052825Holcim (US), Inc.Water-NPDES03/24/200009/30/2003
MS0052825Holcim US IncWater-NPDES11/04/200310/31/2008
MS0052825Holcim US IncWater-NPDES08/10/200907/31/2014
91007Holnam Inc.Water-SOP04/26/199104/26/1996
MSU219005Holcim US IncWater-SOP08/03/202107/31/2026

Office of Pollution Control Contacts

NameAssignmentPhone Number
Pilgrim, KennethOffice of Pollution Control Air Compliance Manager(601) 961-5368
Gent, ElisabethOffice of Pollution Control Air Compliance Staff(601) 961-5128
Whitlock, JaricusOffice of Pollution Control Air Permit Manager(601) 961-5747
Whitlock, JaricusOffice of Pollution Control Air Permit Staff(601) 961-5747
Caron, KristaOffice of Pollution Control Hazardous Waste Manager(601) 961-5719
Rider, WilliamOffice of Pollution Control Hazardous Waste Staff(601) 961-5184
Mayeu, EthanOffice of Pollution Control Solid Waste Compliance Manager(601) 961-5613
Surrette, ZaneOffice of Pollution Control Solid Waste Compliance Staff(601) 961-5372
Jones, TrentOffice of Pollution Control Solid Waste Permit Manager(601) 961-5726
Jones, TrentOffice of Pollution Control Solid Waste Permit Staff(601) 961-5726
Beasley, SaraOffice of Pollution Control Stormwater Compliance Manager(601) 961-5283
Berry, JustinOffice of Pollution Control Stormwater Compliance Staff(601) 961-5138
Griffith, MichaelOffice of Pollution Control Water Compliance Manager(601) 961-5559
Pope, AndrewOffice of Pollution Control Water Compliance Staff601-961-5010
Williams, BeckyOffice of Pollution Control Water Permit Manager(601) 961-5580
Williams, BeckyOffice of Pollution Control Water Permit Staff(601) 961-5580

Active Permits Available Online

Permit TypePermit NumberIssue DatePermit Document
Air - SMOP1680-0002510/21/2019 click for document
Air - Title V Modification1680-0002507/13/2006 click for document
Water - State Operating PermitMSU21900508/03/2021 click for document

Current Status of Individual Permit Applications

ProgramPermit TypePermit NumberStatus DateStatus Desc.
AirAir-Construction PSD1680-0002508/20/2004Permit Issued
AirSMOP1680-0002510/21/2019Process Public Comments
AirTitle V Renewal1680-0002512/07/2015Revised Application Received
Hazardous WasteTSD OperatingNone Assigned07/09/2012Class I Permit Modification Request Received
Solid WasteNon Mun Landfill RenewalSW044004048108/07/2019Application Withdrawn
WaterNPDES RenewalMS005282508/03/2021Application Withdrawn
WaterState Operating PermitMSU21900508/03/2021Permit Issued

Current Status of General Permit Applications

ProgramPermit TypePermit NumberStatus DateStatus Desc.PDF
General PermitConstruction CoverageMSR10706909/21/2016Coverage Issued click for document
General PermitMining CoverageMSR32287407/07/2020Additional Information Requested from Applicant click for document

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