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The information contained in this report is obtained from MDEQ's enSite (electronic environmental Site Information System) System used by the Office of Pollution Control's Air Division, Environmental Permits Division and Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Division, and the Office of Geology's Mining and Reclamation Division. The purpose of the system is to support permitting and compliance activities of the Department of Environmental Quality. Regulatory programs that are supported by this database are the Surface Water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program; the Air Title V, Construction and Operating Programs; the Solid and Hazardous Waste Programs; Geology Surface Mining and Reclamation Division; and the Waste Tire Program (the UST program is currently not supported). There are other regulatory programs within the Department that do not currently utilize this database including programs managed by the Office of Land and Water, and the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program. For Additional Information about Permits at Public Notice follow this link.

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Notification FormAgency Interest NameActivity TypeCityCountyStart Date
click for document Carrington TownhomesDemolitionJacksonHinds09/21/2023
click for document Central Fire StationRenovationNatchezAdams10/11/2023
click for document Chevron USA Inc, Chevron Products Company, Pascagoula RefineryRenovationPascagoulaJackson09/11/2023
click for document Detached GarageDemolitionSaltilloLee10/10/2023
click for document Former JcPenney BldgRenovationGreenvilleWashington09/20/2023
click for document Frank Cochran CenterRenovationMeridianLauderdale09/13/2023
click for document Greenville Mid-Delta AirportDemolitionGreenvilleWashington10/11/2023
click for document H J Baker and Brothers IncDemolitionForestScott10/03/2023
click for document House of Jacob Community ChurchDemolitionVicksburgWarren09/12/2023
click for document Huber Engineered WoodsDemolitionShuqualakNoxubee09/26/2023
click for document Inverness Compressor StaitionDemolitionInvernessSunflower09/11/2023
click for document Itawamba Community College, Infrastructure ImprovementsRenovationFultonItawamba09/27/2023
click for document Keesler Air Force BaseRenovationKeesler AfbHarrison10/16/2023
click for document Laurel School District, High School Baseball StadiumDemolitionLaurelJones10/12/2023
click for document Mississippi Power Company, Plant SweattDemolitionMeridianLauderdale09/11/2023
click for document Mississippi State UniversityRenovationMississippi StateOktibbeha09/14/2023
click for document Monroe Health Services Inc., NMMC Gilmore - AmoryRenovationAmoryMonroe09/21/2023
click for document Multiple HousesDemolitionMcCombPike09/12/2023
click for document Multiple HousesDemolitionMcCombPike09/11/2023
click for document Natchez Police DepartmentRenovationNatchezAdams09/21/2023
click for document Newhope Building 3-5RenovationColumbusLowndes10/02/2023
click for document Newton High SchoolRenovationNewtonNewton10/11/2023
click for document Nordan Smith BldgDemolitionJacksonHinds09/12/2023
click for document Norfolk Southern Railroad Meridian YardRenovationMeridianLauderdale09/11/2023
click for document NorthEast MS Community CollegeRenovationBoonevillePrentiss09/26/2023
click for document OYO HotelDemolitionJacksonHinds09/22/2023
click for document Old School Commons BldgRenovationByhaliaMarshall09/20/2023
click for document Pickwick ApartmentsRenovationIukaTishomingo09/29/2023
click for document ResidentialRenovationLaurelJones10/16/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/03/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/06/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/11/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/03/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/16/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/13/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/06/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds11/24/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds11/16/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds11/05/2023
click for document Residential HouseDemolitionJacksonHinds10/22/2023
click for document Senior Citizen CenterRenovationEdwardsHinds09/11/2023
click for document Shannon SchoolRenovationShannonLee10/11/2023
click for document Shannon SchoolRenovationShannonLee10/11/2023
click for document Smithville Attendance CenterRenovationSmithvilleMonroe10/27/2023
click for document Sunset ApartmentsRenovationJacksonHinds09/18/2023
click for document Tupelo Housing Authority OfficeRenovationTupeloLee09/25/2023
click for document Tupelo Housing Authority OfficeRenovationTupeloLee10/11/2023
click for document Tupelo Housing Authority OfficeRenovationTupeloLee09/13/2023
click for document Tupelo Housing Authority OfficeRenovationTupeloLee10/11/2023
click for document Tupelo Housing Authority OfficeRenovationTupeloLee09/17/2023
click for document US Department of Agriculture Sedimentation LaboratoryDemolitionOxfordLafayette09/25/2023
click for document USG Interiors LLCRenovationGreenvilleWashington09/11/2023
click for document University of Mississippi Medical CenterRenovationJacksonHinds09/13/2023
click for document Vacant StructureRenovationPort GibsonClaiborne10/04/2023
click for document Walls Elementary SchoolEmergency RenovationWallsDesoto10/06/2023
click for document Warehouse & OfficesDemolitionNettletonMonroe10/17/2023
click for document Waterways Experiment StationRenovationVicksburgWarren10/11/2023

12/10/2023 2:26:02 PM

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