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Layer: MS Section 319 BMP Sites (ID: 0)

Sub Layers: Name: MS Section 319 BMP Sites

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: Nonpoint Source (NPS) Pollution, also known as polluted runoff, has an adverse impact on the State’s water resources. Unlike pollutants from point sources that enter the environment from well-defined discharge points, pollutants from nonpoint sources find their way to surface and ground waters via rainwater runoff or percolation. The polluted runoff can contain sediment, nutrients, bacteria, or toxic materials. Runoff from the seven major land-use categories listed below potentially impacts the State’s water bodies. These categories consist of agriculture, forestry, mining, construction activities, urban runoff, hydrologic modifications, and land-disposal activities. Polluted runoff is a significant cause of water-quality problems in Mississippi. The NPS Pollution Control Program seeks to reduce or eliminate polluted runoff that degrades water bodies in Mississippi. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are used to achieve this goal. Some of the available BMPs to landowners in the watershed are: 1) pasture and hay planting; 2) nutrient management; 3) tank/ troughs; 4) tree and shrub establishment; 5) forest harvest trails and landings and; 6) vegetative barriers. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, currentness, reliability, or suitability for any particular purpose of the data contained here in.

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Copyright Text: Best Management Practices

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Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF, geoJSON

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